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The crowd was good to go and ready for action. Lots of oldies were sung (including "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" and "Secret Agent Man"), as well as a fine selection of '70s and '80s hits ("Is She Really Going Out With Him," "We Got the Beat"). Adding to the pleasant ambiance was the fine draft, the additional percussion played by the hosts and the highly supportive audience. Also, the overall calibre of performers is pretty high: these cats can really sing. Romy the buff bartender also took a couple of star turns, including "Sexual Healing" and "Let's Go Crazy" -- though Prince's wicked guitar solo was faded out, preventing any air-guitar action on the inflatable six-string they had. It's a long haul out to Jane Street, but not too far, considering the good times to be had.
Strangest selection: The Lemon Pipers' "Green Tambourine."

eye magazine, 1999


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